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  • Cooking Rules

    Cooking as a skill may be often overlooked, however this crafting skill allows the crafter to create temporary bonuses and buffs for those who partake of the meals that they have created. This crafting skill requires cook's utensils, and can be used to …

  • Cooking Recipes

    These recipes apply to the [[Cooking Rules | cooking crafting skill]]. Below is a link to the list of cooking ingredients, as well as the cooking recipes available for crafters to purchase and learn (prices of recipes may vary): [[Cooking Ingredients | …

  • Cooking Ingredients

    The following is a list of known cooking ingredients by degree of rarity and type of ingredient: h3. Common Ingredients *Grain* * Wheat *Fruit* * Apple *Vegetable* * Herbs *Protein* * Wolf Steak *Other* * Goat's Milk